Mini K10 PIN Lock with RFID or NFC

  • Master program and override codes
  • Public share one-time use or permanent private use
  • User changeable code; no tools required
  • Programmable functions, such as disabling keypad beeps, etc.
  • Supervisor Code for management of digital electronic lockers without administrator rights
  • Quick and easy retrofit installation in minutes, replacing conventional key operated cam locks
  • Suits timber or steel doors
  • MiniK10 is unique from any other electronic lock using a 3V lithium battery with a life expectancy of up to 10 years
  • Can be surface-mounted or semi-flush mounted doubling as door pull handle
  • Features a 16mm diameter cylinder to retrofit the majority of key operated cam locks without any modification to door preparation
  • Optional models include RFID Prox-Card+PIN Mifare Card compatibility and NFC technology
  • Available in Black or White, Vertical and LH or RH horizontal
SKU: Mini-K10-Pin-RFID/NFC
Width: 34mm, Height: 85.5mm, Depth: 58mm

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